My letter regarding Al Gore’s Rice University show published

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To the editor:
Following the devastating emotional and financial impacts of Hurricane Harvey, there is the natural impulse to look for a reason … much like a victim of a serious illness’ “why me?” Letters in the local press and billboards around town offer their emotional scapegoat …climate change blamed on humans and fossil fuels. Uniformly lacking is any solid scientific evidence to justify this claim. Claiming a consensus is not the same as proving it. The Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 killed around 10,000 people, well before SUV’s and CO2 rise. Over the past 12 years average global temperatures have been flat, CO2 has risen, but no major hurricane cat 3 or stronger struck U.S. shores, evidence of lack of correlation between the two. Mr. Gore’s original global warming claims had to be renamed climate change because global temperatures had not risen. As the climate is always changing someplace, this bit of trickery is clever merchandizing.
October 2007 Gore had nine of his climate claims ruled as “political propaganda” in a British court: They included: The sea level will rise up to 20 feet. Some low-lying Pacific islands have been inundated with water and their citizens had to evacuate. The disappearance of the snows on Mount Kilimanjaro was expressly attributed to global warming. Hurricane Katrina and the consequent devastation in New Orleans were claimed to because of global warming. Polar bears were drowning because they had to swim long distances to find ice. Coral reefs all over the world were bleaching because of global warming.
Last night, Gore (along with his personal giant carbon footprint) repeated this same storyline at Rice U even though these climate claims have all been proved false by historical evidence and climate researchers over the past ten years. Why was anyone listening?
Charles G. Battig, M.D. Houston


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