This website is designed to serve as a convenient repository for my writings on the general theme of “climate reality.” My aim has been to be an informed and critical repackager of the original information found on the more technical and active blog sites, and to add my own editorial comments. It is not my intent to enter into an interactive blogging mode.

My pertinent biographical profile: An engineer by training with a M.S. in Electrical Engineering; a physician by training with an M.D. degree and Board Certified in Anesthesia. In the 1960s, I worked in support of the Apollo Lunar mission. Later, I served at the National Institutes of Health in the Biomedical Engineering Branch. I am now retired after spending the major portion of my working career as an anesthesiologist in both academic and private practice.

I live near Charlotttesville, VA.  After settling here about ten years ago, I became aware of the rich heritage of climatologists here, including, Pat Michaels, S. Fred Singer, Michael Mann, and Dennis Avery, as well as Chris Horner.

As there was no active local voice countering the “Al Gore” version of climatology, I decided to become the local a “climate reality” activist. Over the past ten years, my writings have appeared in the local press, in the Wall Street Journal, and in Barron’s. I have been invited to give presentations at various local social groups, and I appear on the local talk radio shows with some regularity. I spoke as a member of the public at four of ex-governor T. Kaine’s climate change commission hearings, countering the testimony of the commission members.

During the past two years, I attended three of the four Heartland International Climate Change Meetings. In 2009, Prof. S. Fred Singer appointed me as the president of the Piedmont Chapter (one of five chapters) of the Virginia Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment.