Houston Chronicle publishes my letter deconstructing government subsidies for electric cars, June 4, 2017

Viewpoint HC June 4, 2017:

Electric cars may be getting a “new jolt of energy” from Texas, but the taxpaying public is getting the royal shaft from their legislators. Capping a legislative session desperately looking for enough taxpayer funds to support basic educational, transportation, and health needs, Texas legislators found it necessary hand out $2,500 to those impoverished constituents unable to meet the last bit of the $100,000 electric car price tag. The poorest citizens are forced to pay for the green toys of the wealthy. As for cleaner air resulting from a Texas fleet of 16,000 green-mobiles amongst millions of gasoline powered cars, don’t hold your breath. Electricity to charge these cars is being generated elsewhere, maybe by a coal powered generating plant, or brought to you via a billion dollar transmission line system from distant wind turbines, also imposed by Texas legislation and funded by Texas taxpayers.

Charles G. Battig

HC did omit my “royal shaft” comment.

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