My letter Richmond Times Dispatch November 18, 2016, Bureaucrats in the making…

Richmond Times Dispatch
Letters to the Editor: Nov. 18, 2016

What happens when they graduate?

Editor, Times-Dispatch:Communal crying, rioting in the streets, defiant fists held high in the air and hash-tagged obscenities — all brought to us by the discourtesy of today’s youth. And all of it is in real or staged reaction to the choice of President-elect Donald Trump by the American electorate because he was not the choice of the spoiled and pampered snowflake generation and its progressive indoctrination.When the realities of the world outside the warm cocoon of helicopter parents and safe-space academia impinge upon these precious darlings, some are unable to deal with it other than by temper tantrums. The traditional underpinnings of higher education — reasoned discourse and intellectual debate — have been overridden by emotional values and feelings. Healthy societies survive and progress by the rational resolutions of countless daily conflicts, not by herds of rioting robots.
How much longer will college sports and professional sports be tolerated by this new generation and its progressive handlers as such games usually conclude with a defined winner and loser? How will the losing side cope with loss? Were they not raised in schools where everyone has equal value, everyone gets a prize and there are no losers? Europe has given us a preview with its football hooligans; our nightly news gives our own preview.

Charles G. Battig.
Houston, Texas.

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